Study Abroad Officer- Part-time POSITION AVAILABLE

Vision Academy is Azerbaijan based private entity in education market working with number of universities and colleges around the globe. It strives to continuously improve operational standards through transparency, which has been a pillar of success to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
Vision Academy seeks to hire a part-time Study Abroad Officer who will work closely with the Study Abroad Office Director and a team to support Vision Academy’s study abroad strategy implementation. Study Abroad Officer will manage and promote Study Abroad Office related developments, daily activities and initiatives, as well as responsible for advising students on all study abroad options available at the Vision Academy. Responsible for advising on a certain portfolio for different regions, conducting researches and necessary coordination over data collection.Primary responsibilities include:

• Manage a portfolio of foreign education programs ( for a geographical area such as EU, America and Asia).

• Consider the feasibility of idea, including student interest, in-country contacts, departmental support, potential overlap with existing programs (Study Abroad Turkey, Study Abroad Europe, Study Abroad Asia, Study Abroad America, etc).

• Draft statistical reports on study abroad activity together with other staff members.

 • Design and manage effective marketing and publicity for Study Abroad Office developments.

• Plan Study Abroad Pre-departure orientations

.• Review applications and interview applicants to get to know them, to answer their questions, and help to take the right decision that both fits students expectations and capacity

 • Conduct in-country marketing to get accurate price quotes for the services.

• Ensure that the filing system is properly prepared

• Ensure Study Abroad from and to Azerbaijan project developments are in place

• Responsible for the implementation of operational aspects of the Study Abroad Office

• Participate in meetings, proceedings, and orientations with the clients

• Work with students to help them choose where to study abroad and which programs will best suit their academic goals.

• Provide advice to the Study Abroad Office Director on matters impacting on the Study Abroad activities 

• Draft monthly progress reports on performance, gaps and initiatives

• Provide support for recruitment of prospective international students for Azerbaijan Universities and require the incumbent to respond to student and partner inquiries.

 • Inform clients on Vision Academy courses and trainings applicable to their study abroad plans

• Ensure that the website maintenance is in place

• Complete other duties as assigned.

• Represent Vision Academy at relevant events, meetings and conferencesOfficer must stay informed about world events that may affect the safety and well-being of the students. 

Required qualifications

•         Bachelor's degree or higher with the minimum of 1 year work experience in this field is preferred

•         Ability to work well with academic and student services, international entities, official agencies

•          Experience working in international environment, as well as that in a study abroad office and advising experience is preferred 

•         Experience with website publication and maintenance

•         Strong written and oral communication skills in English is a must. Proficiency in Turkish, Russian or any other foreign language is preferred

•         Awareness of current foreign rules regarding education abroad and travel.

•         Ability to perform analysis, conduct researches and develop models

Other Skills

• Interact with individuals from a variety of cultural and professional background.

 • To be well-organized, patient and able to deal with change easily, under pressure.

 • Work effectively and efficiently in a fast-paced environment, troubleshoot and follow projects through to completion;

• Know how to use the study abroad online application systems.

• High responsibility, positive attitude, good problem solving skills and hard working

• Excellent written, verbal, organizational, analytical and speaking skills;

• Knowledge of key companies active in the field;

• Pleasant, diplomatic manner and disposition in interacting with colleagues, and the general public. 


START DATE: as soon as possible

 TO APPLY: Send curriculum vitae, cover letter to: 

Email: [email protected] 

Subject line: Application for Study Abroad Officer/part-time. 

Only short listed candidates will be notified. 

For Lawyers from Azerbaijan

IIT, Chicago-Kent College of Law 

AnnouncesLL.M Program in Tbilisi, Georgia and afterwards in Chicago, Illinois, USAwith 75% and 100% Guaranteed Tuition Scholarships
IIT, Chicago-Kent College of Law - US based Law School along with School of American Law announces two interlinked programs with guaranteed 75% and 100% tuition scholarships for lawyers from Azerbaijan. 

1. School of American Law SAL Program in Tbilisi, Georgia and afterwards  

2. One-semester LL.M Program in Chicago, IL, USA. 

SAL Program covers two semesters in Tbilisi, Georgia: September - December (the first semester) and January-May (the second semester).

Two semesters include ten mandatory courses conducted in English and delivered solely by Chicago-Kent Professors visiting from USA & UK. Ten mandatory courses cover contemporary subjects: International Business Transactions, E-Commerce, Online Contracting, Antitrust Law, IP Asset Management, Global Intellectual Property Law, Trademark Law, Comparative Law, Introduction to American Legal Systems & Legal Writing. 
Learning mode is only one course per month (five courses per semester) covering only weekends through full day lecture starting at 10am by 5pm. In total, 5 weekends will be covered each semester by the live classes; besides, pre- and after-class readings and exam submission shall be expected from students. Nevertheless, SAL Program blended structure combines five courses with intensive live classes in Tbilisi, Georgia and five courses with online classes. Students who can take a weekend away from work and family and would like to spend more time in classroom with Chicago-Kent Professors’ and colleagues environment, are invited to Tbilisi, Georgia once a month for all ten mandatory courses. Those students who reside out of Tbilisi and cannot physically attend the live classes, are offered to take five courses online while remain five courses shall be taken through live classes. Under this option, students may initially choose which structure is preferable for them while studying at SAL Program. SAL Program will notify students which five courses might be taken online. 
After completing SAL Program, graduates continue LL.M education at Chicago-Kent in Chicago, IL, USA. Master’s study at Chicago-Kent is finished with earning LL.M in “U.S., International and Transnational Law” in one semester (five months) instead of regular one academic year.

This is a legal study for postgraduate academic degree duration of which is five months for SAL Graduates. For graduates who held SAL Certificate, LL.M degree in Chicago is earned by completing one semester full time study, meanwhile, they may choose to continue another semester at Chicago-Kent for continuation their educational (Ph.D) and professional (BAR exam) achievement. 

Our Program graduates will receive:

1. After graduating SAL Program in Tbilisi, Georgia - Certificate of Completion of School of American Law. Certificate will be issued by SAL and Chicago-Kent jointly and signed by the Dean of Chicago-Kent College of Law and Head of SAL Program. 

2. After graduating IIT, Chicago-Kent College of Law – LL.M Diploma from IIT, Chicago-Kent College of Law.

SAL Program was established in 2012 in cooperation with IIT, Chicago-Kent College of Law with the mission of expanding knowledge, promoting global law and providing equal access to contemporary legal education for emerging market countries’ lawyers.

In 2015, for three enrollments only, School of American Law in cooperation with Mr. Gunduz Karimov, In-Country Partner, announced the program opening in Baku and based on this cooperation, SAL Program enrolled up to 30 students from Azerbaijan part of which already graduated School of American Law in Baku and Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago, USA. Ultimately, SAL Program educated more than 550 students from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France, Spain, Central Asia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia and Albania. We are happy to underline that 57 lawyers among SAL Graduates are Azerbaijani lawyers. 

Our Program Advantages  Getting benefits from the blended structure of SAL Program starting in Tbilisi, Georgia without leaving current jobs by attending interactive live and/or online classes.

Blended structure allowing to complete SAL Program in Tbilisi, Georgia though combined intensive five live courses and five courses through digital media from traditional classroom;

  TOEFL Waiver for SAL & LL.M applications without taking TOEFL or IELTS exam; 

Preferential and immediate Admission to Chicago-Kent’s LL.M after completion SAL Program;

Earning LL.M in “U.S., International and Transnational Law” at Chicago-Kent in one semester instead of one academic year; 

Guaranteed 75% and 100% tuition scholarships;  

After completing one semester at Chicago-Kent, students may continue education for the optional second semester and earn LL.M degree in the most demanding directions: LL.M in Trial Advocacy, LL.M in International Intellectual Property Law and LL.M in Financial Service Law with guaranteed 75% scholarships; 

After completing master’s study at Chicago-Kent, graduates may continue Doctoral study (Ph.D./SJD) with guaranteed 75% tuition scholarships; 

Affordable tuition payment plan within two or more installments while studying at SAL Program & Chicago-Kent; Deferring Chicago-Kent’s Admission for LL.M during the next three academic years;

On-campus & off-campus employment opportunities in the USA; 

Access to externships and internships in the USA; 

The world best location - downtown campus of Chicago-Kent is located in the heart of Chicago - one of the nation's top legal & financial markets; 

Development a strong professional network, foster connections with a diverse community of professionals across the USA will be an invaluable resource for locating prospective employers and clients. 
Program impact on applicants’ career  In past years, after graduation from Chicago-Kent LL.M program, graduates have continued career building in the states by passing US Bar exam and applying for OPT (permission to work for one year in the USA); 

Others have returned to the practice of law in their respective countries with a better understanding of contemporary law and the ability to work better with international, European and US lawyers, law firms and government agencies.  Most of them was immediately promoted or integrated into leading business industries or top law firms;  In each case, the knowledge obtained and the network develped in Chicago through the Chicago-Kent SAL program continue to have enormous personal and professional value. 

Scholarships & Tuition Fee  Due to market volatility in Azerbaijan and travel costs related to SAL class participation in Tbilisi, tuition fee for SAL Program was decreased to USD 5900. Tuition is payable in three installments but for those students who select advance payment option the tuition fee will be 5500 USD.  Tuition fee for LL.M at Chicago-Kent College of Law amounts to USD 10 000 instead of regular USD 44 000 after guaranteed 75% scholarships; payment for LL.M study shall be made at Chicago-Kent after Students’ arrivals in Chicago;   Full (100%) scholarship for LL.M study is established by Chicago-Kent College of Law. To qualify for the scholarship, students must maintain minimum 3.8 final GPA at SAL. The Dean of Chicago-Kent and Head of SAL Worldwide will review applications from students who meet that condition and select the most qualified student;  Tuition fee for the optional second semester at Chicago-Kent College of Law amounts to USD 7 250 instead of USD  22 000. 

Who should apply for this program? 

Those who are interested in LL.M study at Chicago-Kent must have a first degree in Law (LL. B) or shall be last year law school student;

applicant should also demonstrate aptitude through undergraduate and graduate grades, or through relevant work experience; 

Those who are interested to master their education in business law and get SAL Certificate only - any higher-educated applicant (having bachelor’s Diploma or being last year student at universities or similar higher educational establishments providing degree level of BA) may submit documentation to SAL Program. 
Application deadline is July 20 (regular application deadline). Applicants are required to submit the following documents electronically:  CV in English;  One letter of reference originally written or translated in English by indicating referee’s contact information; 

Copy of diploma or university statement for Bachelor students; 

Copy of the Passport and/or ID.
The documents should be sent to the following email addresses:  [email protected]

Employment IssuesAfter completion of two semesters LL.M graduate are eligible for off-campus employment. Work permits are required for all off-campus employment and may be granted by the U.S. immigration authority for paid practical training. Students with F1 visas may apply for a 12-month period of Optional Practical Training (OPT), which begins after the completion of their two-semester study, during which student with F1 status who has completed his/her degrees for more than nine months are permitted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to work for one year under Employment Authorization Card on a student visa towards getting practical training to complement their education. 
BAR ExamBar Exams are administered nation-wide in February and July. Bar admissions requirements differ from state to state and as a result, students are advised to visit the web site of their state bar office for the most accurate information. For information on various exams and links to most state bar authorities, visit the web site of the National Conference of Bar Examiners. 
UniversityIllinois Institute of Technology – a Ph.D.- granting research university with wide range of programs – is uniquely positioned to understand the interrelationship of globalized legal marketplace all over the world. Chicago-Kent College of Law is nationally recognized the second oldest law school in the state of Illinois. Chicago-Kent was gained accreditation by the American Bar Association in 1936 and membership in the Association of American Law Schools in 1951. US News & World Reports, No1 Ranking Agency assigned the following ranking to Chicago-Kent among the most demanded and popular programs: Trial Advocacy the 4th place,  IP Law the 9th place, Legal Writing the 17th place. According to US News & World Reports, Chicago-Kent graduate employment rate right after the graduation amounts to 66.2% and 90.7% within 9 months following the graduation. 

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For more information, please contact:  

Rovshan Bagirov, SAL representative in Azerbaijan

Email: [email protected]  Tel: +994 50 254 9292